Meet Dr. Wendy Bergman

Dr. Wendy Bergman - Worcester Primary Care

Open, friendly, and energetic is how patients describe Dr. Wendy Bergman. “I really enjoy the close, personable relationships I have with my patients,” says Dr. Bergman. “It helps me understand what’s going on with them that may be affecting their health.”

A Reliant Medical Group physician for more than two decades, Dr. Bergman is a family-oriented doctor who finds that her medical practice and three children keep her very busy these days, yet she still finds time for riding her Specialized bicycle (often to work) and enjoys the outdoors. When she’s not caring for patients, Dr. Bergman’s favorite place to be is hiking to the top of a mountain, but she’ll settle for a nice day at the beach anytime the weather is nice.

Dr. Bergman became interested in being a physician attending Clark University in Worcester as a science major before she attended medical school at the University of Maryland, “I like the science part of medicine, and the research – it’s challenging. But my favorite part of being a doctor is interacting with and helping people.”

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