Our Commitment to Your Health & Wellness

In health care, quality is measured by “outcomes.” An outcome, simply put, is the final result of any medical treatment. When comparing Reliant Medical Group’s outcomes to those of other organizations in today’s health care environment, it is evident that the level of care provided by our doctors and health care professionals is excellent in all respects.

We hold our doctors to the highest performance expectations, and equip them with the staff, technologies, education, research and scientific data they need to meet the challenges of providing high quality, appropriate, and cost effective care to help ensure the health and wellness of our patients.

Reliant Medical Group is made up of more than 250 doctors practicing in more than 30 distinct primary care and specialty care medical service departments. You can find a listing of these service departments in our Medical Services section. We also offer a number of interdisciplinary programs that address health care issues such as obesity, infertility, breast cancer, sleep disorders, headaches, infectious diseases, and incontinence. To find out more about these programs, contact us, and we can provide you with more information. Additionally, Reliant Medical Group conducts a number of educational programs to help keep you healthy between visits. A number of these programs can be found on our Educational Programs page. Some of these programs are open to the public, while others are structured specifically for our patients. Reliant Medical Group is also a pioneer in Massachusetts of successfully conducting group medical visits to help treat some chronic conditions. 

For many years, Reliant Medical Group has followed the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) HEDIS ® guidelines for health care quality. HEDIS is the Health Plan Employer Data & Information Set – a set of measurements that focuses on a number of key factors in health care delivery. HEDIS has caused health care organizations around the country to focus on identifying where they are delivering care well and where they need to make improvements. Coming soon to our web site, we will be providing information on how Reliant Medical Group has performed in relation to a number of HEDIS measurements, as well as other quality of care measurements, including physician quality reports specific to Massachusetts as well as patient satisfaction rates.

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